Glen Valley Farm

Foggy Fun
Riding at night under the lights is a lot of fun. So is making circles and serpentines in the snow. No dust or mosquitos to bother you or your horse.
Stallion Paddock
This stallion paddock is in the centre of all the action (where stallions like to be). Stallions have their own day-barn to hide in if it rains or snows.
Small Paddock
New horses are placed in small paddocks to get used to their surroundings and meet their new friends.
Fresh Snow
It is surprising how beautiful the farm looks after an overnight snow-fall. Be sure to bring your camera. Enter a photo contest. Win a prize!
Large Paddock
Large paddocks have run-in shelters and waterers. Mares and geldings are not put together, unless they are long-time friends.
Books, books, and more books! We have hundreds of terrific books for you to read or use as references. If you can't ride, you can read.
Glen Valley Farm
RR 2 Stn Main
Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
T4C 1A2